Three Questions

What if? Why not? Could it be? sang the glowing, wondering heart of Leo Matienne” (DiCamillo, 2009).

I realize it is July and there is still another month before required teacher workdays start. However, I just finished reading The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo and the character of Leo Matienne got me thinking about teaching and planning for the upcoming school year.

I’ve always been a fan of DiCamillo’s books and did several of them as class read alouds or novel studies when I was in the classroom. I had never read this book, but my daughter just finished it and told me how great it was. I thought I would read it before we returned it to the library.

As I expected, it was another wonderful story by DiCamillo. The character of Leo Matienne makes his first appearance in chapter three and this is where these three questions are first introduced. He is described in this chapter as someone who has “the soul of a poet, and because of this, he liked very much to consider questions that had no answers” (2009). This questioning nature of Leo Matienne makes him a very important character as the story unfolds.

I still have a position as a technology facilitator, but this year I will also be teaching a technology course (a very broad topic, I know). While I am doing my best to relax as much as possible this summer, I am still thinking of the upcoming school year and what I want to do with this class.

After reading this story and the role of Leo Matienne, I could not stop thinking about his three questions. Like Mr. Matienne, I feel like I have a lot of questions to consider that do not have answers. I think these three questions – What if? Why not? Could it be? – will work as a guide not only for the start of school, but throughout the upcoming school year.

After all, Why not?


DiCamillo, K. (2009). The Magician’s Elephant. Somerville, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.

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